Frequently Asked Questions

The BPP database is a creation borne out of the provisions of section 8 sub-section (1)(f) of 2013, which makes it mandatory for the Bureau to maintain a database of the particulars of all state Contractors and Service providers.

All Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers (CCSPs) already doing or intending to do business with the Adamawa state Government.

All CCSPs doing or intending to do business with State Government are encouraged to register in this database as it is currently the only data management system for Contractors and Service providers in the State.

Yes. Foreign CCSPs are also to register in this database.

This database is for Contractors, Consultants and all Service providers, be it suppliers of goods, services and manufactured items. However, it does not cover manufacturers who are not into direct supplies of their manufactured products.

No. Companies are required to register as unique individual Corporate Entities.

CCSPs seeking registration in this system are required to download from the database a data Requirement template that details all information that a CCSP will submit.

A company can register in the database at any time it so desires.

The database been a data management system of all State Government CCSPs could be used as a definitive source of information about CCSPs doing or intending to do business with the State Government.

To be registered in the database a CCSP must fulfil all the requirements of a legally registered Corporate Entity, meet all his obligations to pay taxes, pensions and social security contributions and in addition have the human, technical and financial capacity to execute contractual obligations with State Government.

No. All that is required is the basic ability to enter data electronically in the database.

The status of the application will be conveyed to the CCSP in the system and through contact e-mails submitted during registration.

A notification will be sent through the contact e-mail with the BPP Contractor identification number and the Classification tiers for the categories selected by the CCSP.

No deadline is required for registration, however, for subsequent annual renewals, deadlines might be given.

A notification will be communicated to a CCSP of the specific reasons for denial of registration for further attention.

For such inquiries, please contact the database administrators on these telephone nos; 08140000043 and e-mail address,

Registered companies on the database seeking renewal are required to renew their registration starting from the first month of the new year by submitting updated information on company performance in the preceding year. No fees shall be charged for initial registration for local companies, however for registration of foreign companies and subsequent annual renewal on the database, a fee to be determined will be introduced to cover the cost of verification of submitted information.

The contractor’s status will be flagged as dormant.

A Company on logging into the database and having provided basic company details will be given a temporary BPP Contractor identification and password which can be subsequently used to enter the database and continue further registration or check status of registration at any time.

Any changes in company particulars after submitting initial particulars can only be updated after a minimum period of 60 days from the initial date of data submission.

No. The database is a compilation of companies that are doing business or intending to do business with State Government and not automatic ticket to Government patronage.

It is possible for the Bureau under the provisions of Section 58 of the Public Procurement Law, 2013 to impose sanctions on CCSPs who have breached the provisions of the law including giving false declarations of company details in this database. Such sanctions could include revocation of Company Registration and debarment from public procurement in addition to others as stipulated within the Law.

No. Foreign CCSPs can register in the database.

No. The database is for CCSPs who are doing business or intending to do business with State Government. However, a public user can get limited information on the particulars of CCSPs registered in the database.

Procuring Entities inviting bidders will state in their tender notification and solicitation documents, all the requirements expected for the bid in question.

Yes. All corporate Entities registered in Nigeria and having in their employment a minimum of 5 employees are required to comply with provisions of Pension Reform Act 2004. This compliance is mandatory for a CCSP to be registered in this database.

Yes. It is mandatory that all corporate entities be duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Yes. It is mandatory that companies fulfill their obligations to pay all relevant taxes as applicable and get clearance from the Federal Inland revenue Service (FIRS) before been registered in this database.

As stipulated in the laws of the country, any company seeking to partake in public procurement shall not have any of his directors who has a record of conviction in any country for any criminal misrepresentation or falsification of facts relating to any matter.

This is the grouping of companies into areas of specialization and professionalism based on previous jobs done or intended to be done.

Companies have for Works, 65 categories, Services, 98 categories and Goods, 49 categories to select based on their areas of specialization and professionalism.

A company can select more than one category.

Efforts were made to ensure that the categorization structure includes all areas of Government procurement, however, in the event that a company cannot be placed in any category in the structure, such observation should be made to the database administrators in the contact provided.

Classification is the rating of companies based on their capacities to deliver using such parameters as professional, personnel, technical, financial, past experience and equipment as appropriate. CCSPs can download the classification model from the database.

CCSPs are classified within classes A – E as defined in the classification model. Classification is done separately for all the categories selected by the CCSP. It is possible for a company to have different classes for all the categories of businesses it is into.

CCSPs are expected to submit the details of all jobs executed and fully completed in the last 5 years preceding the registration either in the private or public sector.

CCSPs are required to give details of the academic and professional qualifications and experience of their key personnel.